Real-Time Data Aggregation and Analytics

Integrating Asset Health, Financial Performance, and Operating Conditions for the Energy and Manufacturing Industries


Cardano's Asset Investment Planning (AIP) solution is an enterprise-class software solution that satisfies network reliability and capital investment demands while reducing business risks.


Jupiter streamlines the mass meter and network device deployment process, improves data accuracy and reduces risk by automatically managing the receipt, assignment, completion and processing of meter and network device installation orders.


Cardano is a business-outcomes oriented company. Our solutions enable our customers to see tangible benefits to better run their businesses. Whether it is with our standalone asset health and investment planning tool, or the broader, IoT offering of Jupiter, across the world customers are seeing benefits that flow to their operations, stakeholders, customers, and bottom line.

Customer Service

Our solution enables real-time insight to the location and status of field workers, trouble events and field work locations in the visual context of city infrastructure. This allows for the quick identification of work to be completed, seamless appointment bookings, and the automatic scheduling and assignment of work.

Why pay for custom when you can configure

Cardano Solutions utilizes our powerful configuration tool to create custom integrations, work order types, and work flows without changing our core product – saving our customers time and money on implementations and upgrades.