Cardano Asset Investment Planning (AIP)

Optimize investment decision for asset lifecycle management

Cardano’s Asset Investment Planning solution is an enterprise-class software solution that satisfies network reliability and capital investments demands while reducing business risks.

Cardano AIP elevates asset investment planning to new levels by using a repeatable methodology that drives capital decisions based on corporate objectives, priorities and risk tolerances. By linking information about historic performance, asset health and calculated risk, the system optimizes a range of asset investments and enables decision-making that is aligned with the requirements of stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

With Cardano AIP, organizations can also respond quickly to real world changes by easily rebalancing and optimizing the asset investment portfolio based on new requirements.



AIP – Overview

Satisfy capital investment demands while reducing business risks

Cardano AIP dynamically scrutinizes asset performance and lifecycle data against corporate objectives encompassing ROI, reliability, safety, reputation, environment and growth.  Fully leveraging existing data sets and asset/work management programs, Cardano AIP mitigates risk and drives priorityzation to new analytical levels as it is accurately charts end-of-life curves and provides multiyear rolling plans to add, replace, and/or renew critical assets.




AIP Solutions Features

Optimized asset portfolio- Apply asset and project scoring tools to identify what investments to pursue, when and at what level.
- Conduct precise "what if" scenarios, identify "next best" projects and perform stakeholder validation
Investment planning analysis-Analyze candidate investments using asset analytics such as growth, performance, health and risk
- Identify whether to fund or defer, repair or replace and/or acquire entire given assets
Optimized capital and OpEx plan-Measure the value of projects against one another using field-tested, sophisticated mathematical algorithms.
-Use comprehensive objectives such as risk tolerance, asses prioirties (e.g. safety, reliability, envrionmental sustainability, geographic expansion), human resources, materials and time
Multiyear project tracking- Create multiyear catalog of ranked optimized asset investments with forecasted financial, human resources and project management needs
- Update project information from financial and/or project management systems
General tariff application-Use industry-leading, standards-based methodology to consolidate comprehensive information on operations and costs for GTA/GRC submissions
- Produce objective information for regulators on company assets, capital expenditures and long-term financial outlook
Other interfaces-Enterprise assest mangement (e.g., lifecycle, operations, inventory systems) using Web service gateway
- Enterprise resources planning (e.g., financial, HR, project management systems) using Web service gateway
Auditing- Manage changes in projects and provide audit trail of what change, who changed it and when
- Supports PAS 55 methodology and principles
Asset analytics- Trending
- Lifecycle management
- Condition ratings
- Forecast economic end-of-life


AIP Reports

Investment monitoring- Projected spend
- Planning
- Capital performance
- Planned vs. actuals scorecard
- Project completion
Additional reports- Program management
- Project definition
- Projects not selected
- Residual risk exposure
- Portfolio export
- Project and portfolio dashboards
- Capital budget documentation
- Multiyear capital performance
Long term plan XML export
- Configuration
Optional custom reports- Can be created using an embedded Crystal Reports generator