Green Technology

Reduce the environmental impact of traditional field operations

Jupiter’s utility field operations solutions help the energy industry establish a culture of conservation by promoting the efficient delivery of electricity, gas and water resources by utility companies and in doing so the efficient use of these resources by consumers.

Jupiter helps the utility industry reduce the environmental impact of traditional field operations. By using the Jupiter solution to fundamentally improve the efficiency and effectiveness of field operations, utilities can eliminate paper and paper-based processes; reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions; and lower the consumption of water, electric and gas resources.

Eliminate paper and paper-based processes in support of field operations

By shifting the day-to-day management of field operations away from paper-intensive, manual practices to a mobile environment with wireless communications, utility companies can eliminate the environmental impact and costs associated with enormous amounts of paper. While electronic information is not new for field service departments in large utilities, it is for small- and medium-sized utilities, which represent a large percentage of the North American utility workforce. With Jupiter, these utilities can now afford a mobile solution that eliminates manual, labor-intensive, paper-based field operations.

Reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions across fleet

By improving the efficiency of fleet operations, utilities can galvanize numerous tangible benefits that combined drive down fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. With Jupiter, utilities can reduce repeat visits due to inaccurate, inaccessible or unavailable information; automatically audit different types of work to ensure it is completed correctly; optimize the assignment of work based on location, status and skills; reduce unproductive time and non work-related travel with increased visibility into where vehicles are and what they are doing; and reduce overall mileage and number of trips by optimizing routes between work. Lower fuel consumption also helps to reduce the average cost per truck roll to deliver services and to minimize the impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions.
Lower consumption of water, electricity and gas resources
By using mobile technology as the foundation to support field operations and improve how services are delivered to consumers, utilities are better positioned to help reduce energy consumption. Enhanced metering measurement of usage and loss/leaks decreases water consumption, and lower water usage decreases the electricity required to pump wasted water. Smart grid initiatives are deployed faster and post-deployment operations are more efficient. Utilities also have a communications platform for capturing and sharing with consumers the information they need to help lower energy use by participating in conservation programs. And, for electric and gas companies, Jupiter has the only solution that can establish a new one-to-one pairing of smart meters and in-home displays, which creates energy awareness and encourages less energy usage.

By implementing a Jupiter solution, utility companies with 250,000 meters can expect to eliminate an average of 1.8M pages of paper per month, and to reduce fuel consumption by approximately 23% or 19,550 gallons/74,000 liters per month.